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5 reasons to start kickboxing now

It’s never too late to try something new. In fact, the changing seasons are the perfect opportunity to dust yourself down and create a whole new set of fitness goals and promises. As we wave goodbye to winter and welcome spring, could it be time to give kickboxing a go?

 1. EXPERIENCE High Intensity Interval Training

It’s time to discover your new favourite whole-body workout! Kickboxing will force you to work parts of your body that you didn’t know existed. What’s more, this fast and furious workout is a fantastic example of high intensity interval training, or HIIT. Alternating between intense bursts of activity and periods of rest HIIT encourages your heart to pump blood even more rapidly, and increases the benefits of your workout.

  1. Slim and tone up

Kickboxing is a great workout for anyone looking to shift a few pounds or hone their existing physique. Mastering a variety of movements, you’ll engage each of your muscle groups in turn, stretching yourself beyond your limits. Your latest kickboxing session will make the most of every movement, and burn fat long after you’ve put the gloves down. Could there be a better way to tone up and slim down? To give your workout some edge, why not grab a sugar-free, ready-to-use Reon powder shot before you hit the ring? It's a perfect pre-workout, with caffeine to enhance alertness and keep you on your toes, and Vitamin B12 to fight fatigue. Shop Now


  1. Enhance your posture and coordination

Kickboxing demands discipline. Its students are focused on flexibility, balance and posture, becoming more aware of every movement and its consequences. To put it simply, kickboxing is a conscientious workout, capable of turning your previous workout preconceptions on their heads. Discover your centre of balance, improve your rhythm and explore a kind of workout that’s more in tune with your body. Whatever you thought you could do, it’s time to step that up a gear.

  1. Discover the dynamism of a new workout

You’re probably pretty good at moving forwards. You may have mastered moving backwards pretty successfully too. However, kickboxing is going to introduce a whole range of movements you’ll be pretty unfamiliar with. From kicking sideways to twirling full circle, kickboxing tests your body to the limits, engages unfamiliar muscles and joints and encourages students to use their bodies in entirely new ways. It’s time to reduce rigidity and let your body move as nature intended.

  1. You’re going to have fun!

The best workouts are those you can walk away from with your head held high – and a huge smile. You might not seek out fun and frolics at the gym, but that’s exactly what you’ll get when you join a kickboxing session. Research has shown time and time again that we gain far more from a workout when we’re having fun. Kickboxing is fast and fun, a great way to relax and unwind. You may even make a few new friends at your classes.

The only way you’re going to discover the benefits of kickboxing is to get online and explore your nearest classes and gym sessions. How much is a class likely to set you back? Which sessions can you attend with the greatest of ease? What sort of reviews are the instructors getting? Our blog is a great place to start when it comes to mixing things up and recalibrating your limits. Remember, you’re in charge of your own health and fitness. What will you discover this week?

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