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5 tips to perk yourself up before work

boy-sleeping-in-hotel-with-pillow-on-his-head_t20_GJwrmRMost of us find that work does not really start when we walk into the office. Instead, we take some time to get orientated, drink some coffee and blink blindly at the screen while we wait for our mind to wake up. Even though we want to come in and hit the ground running, it often takes anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour for us to really perk up and begin to jump into work.

Here are some tips that can easily become part of your daily routine and energise those sluggish hours before work:


Develop a morning routine

To get yourself up and moving in the morning, it is essential to develop a solid morning routine, and stick to it. Waking up at the same time each day will help you to build a routine and, when you do wake up, try not to hit the snooze button.

Scientists have found that the vacillation between sleeping and waking will only make it more difficult for you to wake up and greet the day. Also, if you drink a full glass of water as soon as you wake up, you are more likely to feel energised, and your metabolism will kick into gear right away.

Get outside

When possible, try to get outside before work. Whether this means having a coffee in your garden or walking to work rather than taking the bus, fresh air and sunshine work wonders when it comes to waking us up. While not always possible, a little morning exercise, meditation or yoga is a great way to start your morning and will help towards you feeling more energised and prepped for the day ahead.

Eat breakfast

While many of us skip breakfast because we are in a rush or can’t be bothered, breakfast is actually key to increasing energy levels in the morning. The action of making yourself a healthy breakfast in the morning will keep your mind occupied and give you something immediate to do after waking up. A healthy breakfast will also give you essential vitamins for the day and provide you with energy for the hours ahead.

Give yourself a boost

Adding caffeine into your morning ritual is a great way to stay alert and perk yourself up for the day. First thing in the morning, it is best to drink water, and then move on to caffeine. Reon Energise Powder Shots are an efficient, easy, and tasty way to give yourself a boost in the morning. Some mornings feel extremely rushed, so a quick breakfast and a shot of one of our refreshing powders are an excellent way to get your day on the right track.

Get a good night’s sleep

Most importantly (and yes we know it's a cliche), if you are finding that every morning feels like an endless challenge, you may need to reassess the amount of sleep you get each night. Make sure to prioritise sleep and take steps to ensure you are getting the recommended amount of sleep each night.

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