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5 to follow: Get inspired by these extreme sports pros

Whether you go to the gym five times a week or run several miles a day, the effort exerted by these guys and gals are an inspiration for us all. Famed for their adrenaline-fuelled exploits and record breaking attempts, each and every one of these extreme sports pros commands our respect – and inspires us to try a little harder to be the athletes that we know we can be. After all, we’re only really limited by our imaginations. What do you hope to achieve this week, and how can you push yourself to reach your goals?

  1. Shaun White

We couldn’t write a blog about extreme sports without mentioning snowboarder and skateboarder Shaun White. He even looks the part, for goodness sake! Shaun has made something of a name for himself on the snowboarding and skateboarding circuits, accumulating title after title and record after record. Shaun’s most recent achievement was to score his third Olympic gold medal for the men’s halfpipe, which he did to aplomb at Pyeongchang, South Korea in February 2018. He currently holds the record for the highest score in the discipline, don’t you know.

  1. Felix Baumgartner

You’ve no doubt heard of Felix Baumgartner. In October 2012 this Austrian skydiver and BASE jumper became the talk of the internet when he travelled to 128,100 feet in a hot air balloon and then plummeted back to earth from its stratosphere. Felix’s record breaking free fall occurred exactly 65 years after Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in his experimental rocket-powered aeroplane, and became the highest free fall, the highest manned balloon flight and the highest altitude parachute jump – amongst other accolades. If you’ve ever considered jumping out of, or onto things then Felix Baumgartner is your inspiration.

  1. Lizzy Hawker

Lizzy Hawker is a hero of ours. The first woman to compete in a number of endurance races, including the Swiss Alpine Davos and the North Face Ultratrail Tour Du Mont Blanc, she is a record breaking Brit with distance on her mind. She’s even been National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year, a title awarded in 2013. Lizzy classes the mountain and nature to be among her inspirations, and holds the world record for running from Everest Basecamp to Kathmandu. Basically, she thrives upon distances and endurance trials. We could all do to be a little more like Lizzy Hawker.

  1. Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana is an action sports hero, and the fearless leader of the Nitro Circus Team. Attached at the hip to his favourite mode of transport, the motorcycle, since the age of four years, Travis has racked up countless feats and titles during his career, including five golds from the Gravity Games, five X Games gold medals and accolades from other extreme sporting events. He became the first person in the world ever to successfully land a double backflip on a motorcycle in 2006, and has barely looked back ever since. These days you’ll find him leading the Nitro Circus Team at events and shows all around the world. His stunts have got people hooked.

  1. Herbert Nitsch

Let’s head beneath the waves for our fifth, and final inspirational sports star. Austrian-born Herbert Nitsch is an incredible freediver, and currently holds the world record for freediving. Indeed, he broke his own 2007 record in 2012 by diving to a depth of 831 feet without the aid of equipment. Herbert boasts more than thirty world records, and is referred to as “The Deepest Man on Earth”. We’re certainly not going to argue with that title, given the amount of pressure that he subjects his body to each time he dives beneath the waters’ surface. What a guy!

Perhaps you don’t want to jump out of a plane, or put your life in the hands of a pair of wheels and a shaky set of handlebars. However, when was the last time you did something that utterly terrified, and truly exhilarated you? Here at Reon we’re prepared to embrace life whenever, and wherever opportunities present themselves. We hope that we can inspire you to live a similarly thrill-seeking lifestyle, if only every now and again. Well, you’ve got to start somewhere!

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