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5 tried and tested stress busters

For many of us that are suffering the effects of social pressure, crippling workloads and mental health issues, it can seem like these challenges go unacknowledged. But there is now an awareness period dedicated to stress – and about time, too. 

You see, while it’s perfectly normal to get a little stressed out during particularly emotionally charged situations, prolonged periods of stress can cause a world of health issues. Heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, accelerated ageing, premature death and depression can all be attributed to stress. What’s more, the condition carries numerous symptoms, including debilitating headaches, insomnia and difficulty relaxing, bouts of irritability and anxiety, and frequent colds and infections. Who wants to experience any of those on a regular basis?

Luckily the world is cottoning onto the dangers of stress, and there are countless apps, aids and activities out there designed to help us all chill out and regain control of our lives. While medication and talking therapy work for some, others herald more traditional methods such as diet and lifestyle changes. How you handle stress is up to you. However, these five tried and tested stress busters might just work.

 1. Exercise

While a run, long walk, or epic swim won’t necessarily cure your symptoms exercise can lessen the emotional intensity that often accompanies stress. Exercise has a funny way of clearing our hearts and minds, and can help us to approach problems with calmness and rationale. Don’t forget to take your Reon Powder Shots along for a little extra energy!

  1. An uplifting playlist

They say that music can soothe the soul and calm the savage beast. If your savage beast happens to be stress, we thoroughly recommend creating a chillout playlist, or a selection of songs that’s bound to lift your mood. Whether your poison is cheesy 90s pop or happy hardcore, you’ll be dancing your cares away in no time.

  1. Taking some time out

Of course, it usually helps to take a step back. If you’ve been put under particular pressure at work ask yourself whether it’s really worth it. Is stressing likely to change the outcome of your working week, or place you any nearer to your goals? Similarly, will stressing solve that argument or help you to keep on top of the housework? Learn which battles are worth fighting, and gently take some time out from the rest.

  1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the here and now: the act of pressing pause on the world while you think about your reactions to certain situations, environments and emotions. Stress occurs when we become wrapped up in our problems. Mindfulness, then, is a great way to reflect on the way we’re feeling and why, while learning how to breathe properly. Mindfulness is proven to improve mental wellbeing, and stop stress in its tracks.

  1. Head outside

Fresh air is integral for a healthy and happy lifestyle. There’s plenty of research to suggest that it can ease stress and anxiety, too. We spend so much of our time indoors, whether we’re at work, commuting or at home. Heading outside can become the perfect remedy to such stuffy environments, which often lie at the heart of our stress in the first place. Taking a little time to stop, breathe deeply and make a note of certain scents can do wonders for our mental health.

If you’ve been feeling particularly stressed recently, it’s worth taking a moment to stop and assess what might be causing your symptoms. Are you finding home or work particularly tricky, or is something else bothering you? It’s important to get to the bottom of your stress if you’re to tackle it efficiently and effectively. Remember, there is absolutely no shame in seeking advice or  help. Take care of yourselves!