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7 ways to hack your commute

You’re up, groomed and dressed. Now there’s only one thing standing in the way of your most productive day yet. Unfortunately, that ‘one thing’ happens to be your daily commute – a dull, overcrowded microcosm of hell that millions of us subject ourselves to every Monday to Friday. There’s got to be more to life than this, surely?

While your regular commute is likely to be a necessary evil of your working day, there are a few things that you could be doing in order to make that car, train or bus journey just that little bit more tolerable...

Stop to enjoy breakfast

There’s nothing more stressful than attempting to wend your way along a platform with a muffin in one hand and a laptop bag in the other – or the impending sense of doom you no doubt get each time you precariously balance a coffee in your car’s cup holder. If you’d like to make your commute more manageable, endeavour to enjoy breakfast before leaving the house. You’ll feel satisfied, more chilled, and energised for the journey ahead.

Read a book or pick up a paper

The next time you’re on your way to work, take a look around you. Glance at those reading, or those hurriedly typing into their laptops or phones. Who appears cheerier and more settled into their commute? Use your commute as an excuse to disappear into a whole new world, or to catch up on the latest news and gossip.



You’re going to need all of your wits about you if you’re to navigate platforms, escalators, bus stops, or that blasted revolving door first thing on a Monday morning. Caffeine is particularly known for its brain-boosting and energising powers, and our powder shots happen to contain 80mg of the magic stuff per sachet. That’s the same amount as a double espresso, and just the right amount of energy to see you through your commute so that you reduce tiredness and fatigue prior to starting work.

Download a podcast or audiobook

If your commute involves driving then you’re not going to be able to pick up a book – well, we’d strongly advise you against doing so, anyway! The great news is that there are plenty of fantastic podcasts and gripping audiobooks to be enjoyed wherever you are. Pop your headphones in and prepare to have those loathsome, boring minutes of your commute evaporate before you know it.

Plan your day

Oh, go on then – you may as well use your commute wisely. If you’ve really nothing better to do, whip out your organiser and make a list of the tasks you’ve got to complete and the conversations you’d like to have during the day. Doing so will enable you to dive into your working day as soon as you walk through the door.

Create the perfect playlist

It’s time to go to your musical happy place. Whether you prefer relaxing to whale music, entertaining yourself with cheesy pop, or pumping up with classic rock, the right kind of music can have a truly positive effect upon your daily commute and your mindset. Who knows, you might even look forward to those precious moments spent with the soundtrack to your life.

Stop, breathe and look out of the window

When was the last time you switched off and truly relaxed? There’s an awful lot going on beyond that packed train carriage, if only you’d take a moment to reflect upon the world around you. Your daily commute could be the perfect time and place to practise a little mindfulness, preparing you for the working day ahead. You might even be tempted to switch off that smartphone.

Here’s a thought: rather than merely hacking your daily commute, why not try to embrace the journey for what it is? Sure, commutes are an unavoidable part of working life, but they’re also an opportunity to mentally prepare or wind down before and after a hard day’s work. Perhaps one day you’ll even find yourself looking forward to those snatched moments spent with your own thoughts.

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