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9 Ways to beat your personal best this year

Photo by Andreas Fidler on Unsplash

Ready to make 2018 Your Best Year Yet?

2018 has well and truly landed, along with countless goals and plans on how best to achieve them. If this year is the year you really want to make count, whether that is faster, longer, further or particularly you’re best ever, here are 9 ways to make 2018 count; a year of personal bests.

Improving stamina

You are going to have off days, and amazing days. That is simply being human. But every exercise session is an opportunity to improve your stamina. Regardless of how you are performing, simply pushing yourself for that little bit longer trains your mind and mental capacity to push your body on towards your goal.

Nutrition, the art of listening

In the preparation phase, nutrition is everything and a strict plan will reap its own rewards. Sugar-free pre-workout suppelements like Reon can provide the added energising boost needed to break past previous personal bests. The recovery phase however is a time to really listen to your body. If you feel like eating fish, fruit or even an ice cream with friends, then do so. It’ll remove a lot of the stress from your regime and can pay dividends in the long term.

Gradual progress & marginal gains

It is all too easy to focus on that big number, that crucial time, that big goal. Try and avoid that in favour of gradual progress in different areas. Much like a diet; a 30lbs weight loss target is an intimidating goal, but a much more reasonable goal of 2lbs fifteen times? 

See all achievements add up, and they add up impressively.

Growth versus goals

Similarly to marginal gains above, is there always a little more room for improvement? Is it important not to spend too much time and energy focusing on one single goal? There is a lot to be said for a mindset of constant improvement, and for visualising the very best version of what you can possibly be.

Learn to handle stress

People rarely perform well under stress, as it’s impossible to maintain confidence, motivation and a winning mentality under such conditions. It might take discipline and determination to deal with stress at the right times, but be sure that those who consistently challenge their own personal limits are those who have mastered this very thing.


You might feel you’re approaching your plateau and the plan is starting to pay dividends at exactly the right time, a feeling that is incredibly satisfying. However now might be the perfect time to add in a little variety. That could be anything from discovering a new route or trail, to adding different elements to your program or adding focus on aggression or endurance.

Look to others

It is easy to depend on your own perspective in competitive sport, it comes naturally. It is here where a mentor proves invaluable, someone to offer advice, opinions or a patient ear when things get hard and most importantly of all; encouragement, along with the unique insight that comes from a different perspective.

Look back to move forward

Never be afraid to reflect, and feel a sense of pride in your journey to this point. It is a great tactic for calming your nerves on the eve of performance. There are always going to be anxious times and challenges to come, but think about why you began the journey, along with the sacrifices you made to get to this point, enjoy the sense of accomplishment and look forward to the next personal best.


Recovery is essential and rest is a key element of any training program, not just physically, but also holistically. Remembering what is important to you as an individual can go a long way towards the recharging process. Spending time with friends and doing the things that you alone want to do can give you the will to embrace your next session like never before.



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