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Back to University: how to stay energised for all of your courses


If you are getting ready to head back to classes this September, you may be wondering how you can stay energised during that 9.00am course you signed up for. We have all experienced the embarrassment of slowly nodding off during a lecture, and most of us are not keen to repeat it. In the blog post below, we will equip you with a few tips and tricks to stay awake and energised for all of your lectures and tutorials.

Go for a walk

If you have a break in between classes, or before your lecture, try to get a quick, five-minute walk in. A brisk walk in the fresh air will help to perk you up. And studies are progressively showing that increasing the amount you walk each day improves your mood, health, and energy levels.

All-nighter aftercare

Most of us have had to pull an all-night at some point to finish an essay or prepare for the next day's exam. After staying up all night studying, it's essential to take care of yourself and give your body what it needs to keep you going for the rest of the day.

When we miss out on sleep, our body needs more food to compensate for the lost sleep. It is crucial to ensure that, after an all-nighter, you eat good, healthy meals and stay hydrated. Equally important is that you get a good night's sleep the night after your all-nighter.

Caffeine energy boosts

Everyone who has been through University knows that sometimes, caffeine is a must. However, most sugary energy drinks are packed with calories and enamel-eroding sugar contents. If you’re getting coffees daily, it can get expensive, and the caffeine may take a while to kick in.

With Reon Energise Powder Shots, you'll always know the exact amount of caffeine you're getting. And the convenient small shots can be tucked into your backpack or pocket.

Additionally, they contain 50% of your RDA of vitamin B12 and it is essential that we consume enough as it encourages healthy red blood cell formation. When we have enough functioning red blood cells, it is easier to maintain our energy levels – so we can have enough energy for University work and socialising. 

Practice self-care

In order to truly stay energised for your courses, you need to learn and practise good self-care throughout the year, not just when it is convenient. This means making a conscious effort to eat healthful meals, get a good night’s sleep and staying active. Some ways you can unwind are:

  • Taking a break from studying if you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • Having a bath or shower
  • Practising mindfulness
  • Socialising
  • Prioritising yourself
  • Listening to what your mind and body needs to recoup

Practising self-care can help you in your studies and your day-to-day life. Being able to prioritise your needs and taking time out to look after yourself will help you feel rejuvenated.

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