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Colder weather doesn't have to mean colds and flu this autumn


It’s that time of the year again where cold and flu season is soon approaching. Those of us who are susceptible to colds groan a little when we feel our first sore throat or sniffle of the season. Unfortunately, yearly colds and flus are a reality for most of us. However, you can take steps to limit the likelihood of getting a cold this autumn. Below are a number of ways you boost your immune system and stay healthy this autumn.

Choose immune-fortifying supplements

Despite the seemingly unending supply of over the counter medications to deal with colds and the flu, there is no over the counter cure for these illnesses. This is why more and more people are starting to turn away from the medications aimed at helping with the symptoms and towards the supplements and vitamins that help to prevent cold and flu bugs from taking hold in the first place.

Below are some of the top supplements you can take to fortify your immune system this autumn:

  • Vitamin Cstudies have found that results vary for individuals who take vitamin C supplements. For athletes, taking vitamin C supplements greatly reduced their chance of contracting a cold. However, for children and less physically active adults, vitamin C supplements were found to be less effective.
  • Zinc – a 2016 study found that people who have a zinc deficiency also had less effective immune systems. Studies have also been conducted to see whether or not taking zinc lozenges while sick can reduce the duration of a cold.
  • Fibre – increasing your dietary intake of fibre can also help improve your immune system. A 2018 study of mice compared the health of two groups of mice, those who consumed high amounts of fibre and those who did not. The mice who consumed high amounts of fibre had stronger immune systems and were healthier.
  • Vitamin B – There is increasing evidence in the medical community, of a strong link between the immune system and depression. It’s no secret that when you feel depressed your body tends to shut down its defences. Studies have shown a correlation between depression and a deficiency in B vitamins. The upshot of this is that maintaining a healthy level of B Vitamins is one way to help ensure that your mood remains upbeat, giving a very welcome boost to your immune system.

Other steps you can take

Aside from increasing the vitamin C, zinc, and fibre in your diet, you can take a few other precautionary measures to strengthen your immunity and feel better this autumn. Incorporating a range of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet is important for packing vitamins into your diet and making you feel better. A rounded diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and complex carbohydrates will give your body and boost and help you to recover quickly when you do get sick.

Self-care and taking time for yourself

Importantly, one of the key ways to boost your immune system and stay healthy is to take care of yourself. This includes ensuring that you get enough sleep most nights of the week and that you take time to de-stress when you can. Stress will only exacerbate your feelings of fatigue and lead you to feeling run down and overwhelmed. By working to balance your stress and prioritise sleep, you will actually be helping yourself to live a healthier life.

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