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Easy ways to add steps this holiday season

run-4-booty_t20_jXoA8vThe prospect of staying fit this holiday may initially seem grim and disappointing. Many of us think that staying fit over the holidays requires saying no to grandma’s Christmas pudding and waking up before everyone else to get in a quick run.

While opting for low-calorie desserts and maintaining a training regime are ways to stay fit over the festive season, there are other, easier, small ways to stay healthy and active during the holidays. Below are a few easy ways to boost your step count during the festive period.

Buy your gifts in town, not online

If you have the chance, opt to purchase your Christmas gifts in town, rather than online. Instead of thinking of gift buying as another errand to finish, think of it as a way to get active and boost your daily step count. By walking from shop to shop, bags in hand, you will be staying active and getting in some steps that might otherwise prove elusive.

Alternatively, you can go to a shopping mall for your gift buying. By taking the stairs and doing a few laps of the mall with your bags, you will be able to get your body moving and increase your heart rate.

Stroll through your neighbourhood

The holiday season is a time for family closeness and traditions. If you want to encourage an active lifestyle for your family, and enjoy one yourself, why not create a new family tradition during the holidays by going on a walk after dinner? A thirty-minute walk around the neighbourhood after dinner will give you time together and will help you to stay active. It may not be an intense cardio session, but a walk together is a great way to bond with family members while also fitting in some light exercise.

Try a holiday-themed fun run

If you are looking for ways to push yourself over the festive season, why not try a holiday-themed run? Signing up for a Jingle Bell Jog, Turkey Trot or Reindeer Run is a great way to stay focused and motivated during the holidays, while also fundraising for worthy causes. If you are able to, invite family members or friends to join you on the run. This will keep you accountable and motivated while also making training more fun.

Embrace festive fun

There are a lot of ways to stay active during the holidays, and some of them are especially fun! If there is a local Christmas festival or wonderland near you, why not try ice skating? If you have ever been ice skating, you will understand how physically demanding it can be. After an hour or two on the ice, you will be ready to head home, have a hot chocolate and put your feet up. Wandering around a Christmas festival or market for a few hours can also help to increase your step count while you have fun.

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