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Effective ways of maintaining your focus during a workout


Many of us have to put aside time for the gym as part of our busy daily schedule, so once you’re there it’s important to make the most of your workout. When the minutes are beginning to feel like hours on the rowing machine, you need to knuckle down and focus so you avoid zoning out.

Concentrating on our movement and form during a training session has several great results, primarily it makes the work you’re putting in more effective, and secondly, it helps you to avoid injury. If you are regularly finding it difficult to stay on task during your workout, we have some idea to get you through the next session.

Get in the right frame of mind

Before setting off for a power walk or heading for the gym, get yourself mentally prepared for the task ahead. Just like bringing our problems to work, bringing negative feelings to the gym can have a detrimental impact. Conversely, when you do have worries to deal with, a workout can help to minimise stress.

So, don’t avoid the gym, but clear your mind pre-workout and concentrate on the exercise you plan to do. Nothing beats the feeling of the accomplishment once you’ve finished a good workout session.

Connect with your body

Whether you are running, lifting or lunging consider the muscle or sets of muscles that you are working. If you fail to focus on your form, it is more likely that you’ll be left dealing with an injury at some point. So before moving on to more intense levels, think about the contraction as it begins to take place and throughout the movement. This helps your mind stay in touch with your body and by paying close attention to your technique, any outside distractions are minimised.

Create your soundtrack

Only you know what tracks inspire you to push harder or workout for longer, but we all have songs that give us an extra boost. For faster sessions, music can lift your mood and your energy levels with it, putting you in the perfect place to give a little extra every time.

If you make a playlist of the songs which make you feel most positive and empowered for your exercise routine, it will be easier to focus on your movements, rather than thinking about what the person next to you is doing. Also, when a playlist is set up in advance, you won’t waste time skimming through tracks and wasting time while looking for your favourites.

Venture into the unknown

Testing out new activities or sports forces us to stay tuned in and restores our focus. From training with someone else who is equally dedicated, to taking up a team sport or just changing up the routine you usually do at the gym, getting out of a rut can provide more interesting challenges.

Why not challenge yourself to something fresh and new? If you usually go for a run, why not change your route? If you lift weights, why not change your routine or try a longer set? We all have out preferred workout methods but if we don’t mix things up a bit, we may sway into the danger of getting bored and losing focus.

Get the most of your workout session and try something new, you may surprise yourself.