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Exercise and give yourself a boost this winter

It looks like the cold winter of 2018 is here to stay and we’re sure we know what you’re up to right now… settling in for the Christmas hibernation (with maybe a couple of alarms set for the shopping and big days). Exercise is almost definitely low on the list of priorities!

We all know that during the winter months it can be difficult to maintain that get up and go mentality that you need for keeping yourself energised and active.
But this doesn’t mean you should forgo the exercise this winter though! Far from it, there is a wealth of evidence that shows that keeping yourself active over the colder months is not only the best thing for you body, but can also do wonders for your mind! Heres how:



Exercising can Boost your Energy levels

Yes that’s right, its turns out the very thing that you needed the get up and go energy for, is actually one of the most effective ways to get that energy in the first place! Funny that.
By raising your heart rate through exercise and breaking up the routine of sleeping, walking to the fridge, eating from the fridge and going back to sleep again (we’ve all been there) you actually keep your body guessing and because of this you feel much more awake and lively than without the exercise.

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Exercising can Boost your Moods

When it’s cold and grey outside it can be a lot harder to stay positive on the inside. A bit of exercise is a proven way to help this.
By exercising, your brain releases a powerful cocktail of chemicals: Endorphins directly effect your levels of happiness, Serotonin helps to regulate your mood and maintain this happiness and Cortisol alleviates all the stress that comes at this time of year (most likely from some last-minute Christmas shopping). Exercise can even help the brain to form new, more beneficial connections, helping your brain to function more effectively and keep you feeling at your best.

Outdoor cold

Exercising can Boost your immune system

That’s right, when it comes to winter colds a simple workout could help you through by reducing the inflammatory symptoms the cold weather can have on your body. Even a quick jog around the local park at the weekend will raise your body temperature and promote a healthy blood flow for the day.

Outdoor cold mug

Exercising can Boost your body temp

A quick run around the neighbourhood is a hell of a lot cheaper than keeping the heating on all day!

Workout buddy

Boost your exercise with a buddy

This is true for all seasons but during the shorter days in winter it can be especially difficult to motivate yourself. How about setting aside some time with a buddy to workout together. Not only will this keep you both motivated, but research has shown that working out with a buddy can boost your workout time and intensity by up to 200%! That’s an extra 200% mince pies you can eat over the Christmas period!




how about giving some of these a go?

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