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How do you feel about pushing the limits? Seeing how far you can go and being the best possible version of yourself?

For me that mindset is everything, it’s got me to this point in life and there is much more to come, getting stronger, fitter, faster and tougher both physically and mentally.

But for me it isn’t just about the sweat, there’s style in there too, and the music I love, the images and films that I create and curate, and the culture I am proud to play a part of, all go a long way towards  shaping who I am.

I am Adi Gillespie and it’s a pleasure to know you. might be a regular at the gym, used to pushing your limits, or you might be a first-timer looking to learn the ropes and see what works best for you and why, it doesn’t matter. The fact that you are right here, reading this tells me pretty much everything I need to know, and if you’ve gotten this far, well I’m hoping you’re willing to go a little further.

So with that in mind, I’ll be writing about my own experiences, and what I can take from them that might help others, don’t worry too much about will or motivation, I promise you I have enough of that to go around, as for inspiration? Well...remember what I said at the start about being the best possible version of yourself that you can be.

There’s your inspiration, all you will ever need right there! So let’s start with the basics, if you’re thinking about that visit to the gym, or that first morning run, you’re going to need energy and you’re going to need more than before.

How do you even start? Well let’s look at three things to start with, what you put in your body, how much rest you give your body and your mind...

This is the first of many blogs so I’m not going to get too technical on you but first and foremost eat well, put some thought into it, vary your diet and make the most of natural produce, like fruits, nuts, vegetables and water! If snacking is your thing, fruit and nuts are easy. Your body is 60% water, keep it topped up throughout the day! If you need a healthy, natural boost at any point during the day or night, then Reon have got your back with their amazing range of natural supplements.

When it comes to bedtime, spending that extra hour on the PS4 with your mates might be fun, but the next day your energy levels will be wasted, save the gaming for the weekend!

Finally, a little about the mind, pushing your limits, even a little can and will create mental resilience, strong will and mental toughness can mean everything on the days when things might not be going your way...But keep pushing and have faith in what you’re doing. We’ll get there!



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