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 How I stay energised.

Hello hello!, I hope my first article finds you healthy, well and happy.

As you may have guessed, I am a lady with more passion for life than I could possibly convey in just one article. Fashion is in there, along with more than a dash of travel, a hint of beauty and a healthy sprinkle of great, healthy food and lifestyle.

However the main theme of this word-fuelled banquet and one of the most important aspects of my life is health and fitness, and getting the balance right.

I am very lucky; I think anyone who is able to make a living from doing things which they are passionate about is blessed. My main challenge is that I am passionate about lots of things and often wishing for a few more hours, a little more time, a chance to do this, an opportunity to go there...

Finding the time to focus on health and fitness sometimes takes some thought, and some real planning, and a good supply of pomegranate Reon sachets for those days when time is precious.

Anyone who follows me or reads my blog will know I am a big fan of physical and mental health and have been enjoying HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for several years. I know it sounds like something you might see an elite athlete doing, but bear with me, because for those of us with hectic lives, it can be perfect.

You don’t need special gear, or state of the art training facilities, all you really need to do is work out as before, but a little differently, if you run for example, then run fast and hard for short, intensive bursts, then rest for a short time, and repeat.

With HIIT training the gains are much quicker, and a 24 hour recovery period between sessions means that even for the busiest of us, maintaining a good fitness regime is a realistic and achievable goal, letting us enjoy the benefits of a challenging workout, and freeing up time for other passions or commitments.

 I love using that new found free time to try new activities (finally dived back into yoga and picked up swimming again), I make an effort to smile at people more, and always make an effort to enjoy a little “Me Time” remember, getting the balance of your life right isn’t just about how it makes your body look, but how it makes your mind feel, go for it!

Em x

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