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Guest Post: Parkour Legend David Nelmes!

Hi All! My name is David Nelmes and I’m a professional Parkour Athlete. I have been practicing this sport for over 6 years after discovering it on YouTube one day and have been hooked ever since! I’d practice in my garden alone at first and in local parks, before I found out about a community in Leeds who train together and knew all the best locations (spots) for doing it.

I started training with them almost every day after College and even more so when I finished College. It wasn’t before long that we’d start travelling out of the country on little trips for events or just to see different spots around the world and meet the communities. After a few years I began to get little jobs here and there, doing Parkour for small Commercials or Shows etc, and I suddenly realised that this was something I could career out of!

Through Parkour, I began creating videos for myself and the Leeds community for Social Media, I also began getting work through that as well, and decided to pursue both Parkour & Video making as a living, as it’s hard to get enough work from only one unless you’re lucky.

I am now at a point in my Parkour career where I am flying out to different countries every couple of weeks, and quite often they are paid trips. I don’t have to pay for flights and rarely accommodation! I was recently flown out to China to compete in the World Cup, where they hope to eventually take Parkour and myself to the Olympics in a few years. 




If you’re interested in Parkour, I have a few tips I’d recommend for anybody starting out. The main thing: Always train safe, and practice on ground level a lot before even considering jumping at height or attempting any rooftop stunts. Rooftopping isn’t Parkour but if you have enough training, you can safely do jumps and parkour movements at height.

Find a local Parkour gym or even a gymnastics/freestyle gym and practice your flips and moves there safely. It’s also a great place to meet friends and other Parkour practitioners to train with! The way I found people to train with in my nearby City was by searching Youtube. So I found ‘Leeds Parkour’ videos online and contacted people that way, and these days they have Facebook pages for most communities as well.

Last year I discovered Reon and find it a great product for sports and performance people and even just for anyone who's after an energising boost. Being always on the go, Reon is a much easier pick-me-up than caffeinated drinks and I have lots of sachets stashed in my pockets, bags and in my car. Whenever I’m out I can just take one if I am feeling tired. I find it faster working than drinking an energy drink, and the effects are amazing. I recently went Cliff Diving in Belgium during a Parkour Event and with all the high jumps into water, Reon powder shots were the perfect energising boost for an adrenaline to jump about 25m or so in the first place!

If you like Parkour, check out my YouTube Channel or Social Media pages under my name (Instagram / Facebook), and see what crazy stunts I get up to, with the added help of Reon! 😉