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How to stay energised the vegan way

Why am I always tired..?

It isn’t such an uncommon question, you’d be surprised. Like so many of us these days, you may well work hard, and play hard, giving value to every second and wringing every last moment out of what your day, or night has to offer.

When you start to think about what helps against tiredness, of course what you put inside you is a big deal, and in a perfect world, we would all have the time and resources to eat a healthy, balanced diet, but long hours spent with your nose to the grindstone, or painting the town the colour of your dreams can mean that sitting down to enjoy that healthy, balanced meal we mentioned above, well...It’s amazing when it happens, but it might not happen as often as we’d like.

So how do you boost your energy levels, and beat tiredness?

How do you harness the things your mind and body needs, in a way that is natural, ethical and in harmony with what is important to you?

Energy from Sugar: The sickly sweet problem

The sugar rush, that sudden and brief burst of energy we get from consuming something with a high sugar content, but 15 – 40 minutes later after the inevitable crash, you start to realise that the amount of energy it took to digest all that sugar can leave you sleepy and even more devoid of energy than you were at the start, a problem worth thinking about the next time you see someone with a so-called energy drink, or other product claiming to boost energy levels...

Stimulation from caffeine: A much loved energy boost

In the battle to reduce tiredness, caffeine is a player you want on your side; it is suitable for vegetarians and is vegan- friendly, can reduce tiredness and fatigue and promote mental alertness. Great if you’re near your local coffee shop, if your half way up your favourite mountain however..?

Energy from Vitamin B12: A natural energiser – but only for some!

Certainly if you choose not to eat meat, fish or dairy produce, then vitamin B12 deficiency is something to be constantly on the guard from. There are a wide range of foods that are rich in Vitamin B12 that’s the good news; the much more challenging news is that for those of us who are vegan, a vast majority of those foods will simply never be an option.

So we need vitamins, and we most certainly know that vitamin B12 is, in very non-technical terms; a biggie, particularly if we choose not to eat meat, fish or dairy products. We also know that Caffeine is a natural stimulant for the brain and nervous system.

And if you’re vegetarian or vegan?

how do you keep your energy levels up without the sugar?

Nicole Tschierske (PhD) Product Developer and Ingredients & Formulation Scientist for Reon’s Next Generation Products, and a vegan herself, has this to say about exactly why it was important to develop a vegan solution to all the important issues above, along with some general advice on other natural solutions to keep us all energised and feeling at our best.

“It may sound very generic, but good sleep, healthy food, lots of water, exercising and doing the things you like with the people you love really does the trick and gives you all the energy you need. But if you do need a little more – you can reach in your pocket and find Reon there“.

Nicole developed Reon for just that very reason, it gives you the boost you need, whenever and wherever you need it, and more than that; it is a natural product, made ethically and suitable for vegans, Nicole finishes by tell us this:

Reon really is a great product for anyone. Of course because of the practicality – the sachets protect the product well, they are small and fit anywhere… But from a product development perspective I really like the sensory experience. You don’t even have to wait for the caffeine to kick in to have your first “wake up”. The powder texture is unusual at first, which reels your mind in, then when it starts melting and getting cooler a bit, the flavor starts to come out intensely. This is such a great little moment in your day, I had to take care my colleagues didn’t steal all the samples off my desk when we were developing the product. The fact that it is vegan tops it off and makes it available to people who place great importance on a cruelty free life“.

So, with Reon you really can boost your energy with the power of nature, quickly, conveniently and most importantly of all, ethically.














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