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Lisa Whiteside | beat fatigue like a pro boxer with Reon energise

Lisa Whiteside has a mad year ahead of her. With a new pro license and aspirations to be Flyweight World Champion she needs to power through her training and beat fatigue throughout.
Luckily our Reon powder shots are there with an energising boost to help her get through the days of sparring, conditioning and all round intense training.








Lisa Whiteside Commonwealth Champion-1

Flyweight champion of the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Lisa Whiteside, the Preston born fighter originally trained in Muay Thai boxing before moving to the boxing ring for "more of a challenge." Within five years she had won four national amateur boxing titles and was selected to represent Team GB at an international level.
Upon entering the international ring Lisa went on to win the flyweight silver medal in the 2014 World Championships, narrowly losing in the final to USA's Marlen Esparza by split decision.
Her Amateur boxing highlight came last year during the 2018 Commonwealth Games, held in Gold Coast Australia. Whiteside overcame her Northern Ireland opponent Carly McNaul in the finals and won gold by a unanimous judge vote.


Lisa Whiteside in the ring-1

An exciting new step into the pro boxing ring

Following her glittering amateur boxing career Whiteside decided it was time to step into the professional ring, an exciting move that could see her square off against long term amateur rival Nicola Adams who is currently preparing for her first shot at the WBO flyweight world title, taking on the current champion Arely Mucino.


Lisa whiteside training-1

We caught up with Lisa and asked her how she is preparing for her pro debut

How did you first get into boxing?

"It was purely for fitness and for fun, I used to do Thai Boxing for 4 years and 12 years ago I walked into a gym, was welcomed with open arms and just never looked back. It was just a hobby, which turned into something I became quite good at and then I ended up on the GB team for six years. Now I'm looking to go down the professional route."

What's a normal training day like for you?

"The first port of call is to do my morning run, which varies depending on my training program. Then the main thing for me is to refuel, get a good breakfast in me. From there it's strength and conditioning sessions, weight related exercises and strength work. Then I have my lunch, get a bit of a rest and then straight onto the boxing session which usually consists of bike warmups or skipping followed by footwork drills, bag-work, pad-work with a good sparring session. Then I'm back home to refuel and get a good night's sleep."

How do you stay on top of your training in terms of combating fatigue?

"The key is to make sure I'm refuelling my body with the correct foods and supplements. One of my big things now is using Reon Energise, which is a great source of Vitamin B12 and caffeine. So I take that about half an hour before sparring sessions, or if I feel fatigued afterwards knowing that I've got another two sessions later on in the day. Reon is easy to use, easy to take and works great for me all day."

What's the ultimate end goal for you?

"Ultimate goal for me is World Champion. Hopefully not too far away either. I've achieved what I have in the amateur game, Commonwealth Champion, World silver medallist, European silver medallist. I'd love to really become a World Champion and be at the top of the pro ranks."

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A bit about us

Reon Energise is a source of vitamin B12 and Caffeine, both of which help to keep your body and mind alert and focused while doing high intensity work (both inside and outside the ring).
Vitamin B12 is essential in the bodies production of ATP (the energy currency molecule) and maintaining healthy levels of this vitamin is a necessity for your bodies natural production of energy. Caffeine helps to keep you focused and motivated through tough training sessions and helps with the energising boost of Reon.

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