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Looking for an easy way to stay energised this autumn?

running-along-lake-burley-griffin_t20_2861jPAs the autumn chill sets in, many of us are relaxing our fitness plans and drifting towards carbohydrate-rich baked goods and festive lattes. As lovely as autumn is, it can make it difficult to pick-up your fitness plans in the new year after a few months of hibernating. Below are the trends that are sweeping the nation this autumn and, if you can feel yourself beginning to lag behind your fitness goals, you should give them a try to reignite your interest.

All together now

Group exercise classes are on the rise and do not show any signs of slowing down. Spin classes have been in vogue for a few years now, but other group exercise classes and group exercise-specific gyms are starting to become more popular. Gyms like Orangetheory and workouts like Barre are focused specifically on group workouts and have been extremely popular this year. If you haven’t yet worked out in a group, you might want to give it a try. Exercise classes can often foster a sense of support, and friendly competition encourages you to push yourself.

Downward dog forever

Perhaps you have seen the legions of men and women walking around with yoga mats poking awkwardly out of their bags and backpacks. Yoga is becoming more popular every year as more and more people give it a try and realise that they really enjoy the physical, emotional and mental benefits that it brings. Alongside traditional yoga studios, many gyms have increased their yoga class offerings. If that still is not enough to get you on the mat, there is a seemingly endless number of new yoga classes being offered including yoga with dogs, cats, and goats, karaoke yoga, yoga raves and beer yoga.

The rise of tech

The market for fitness tech has exploded in the last year. There is a veritable library of fitness, wellness, and healthy eating apps available that can help you to kick yourself into gear. Data is becoming increasingly important in the fitness world now that smartwatches, heart rate sensors and sport watches have become ubiquitous. These devices are a great way for athletes to track and optimise their performance because of the data that is collected over time.

Workplace workouts

As the fitness and wellness movement grows, employers are starting to take note. Many companies are starting to incorporate fitness into the workplace by offering yoga classes during lunch as well as discounts on gym memberships and leading wellness initiatives. As it becomes more acceptable for employees to take a run during their lunch or head out of work a little earlier for a yoga class, some gyms have also started to take steps to accommodate workers like offering free Wi-Fi and private meeting rooms that can be booked by gym members for quick phone calls or meetings in between workouts.

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