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Need to fit in a workout at work?

fitness-female-in-black-pants-and-pink-sport-bra-stretching-after-workout-with-copy-space_t20_nen3enTips for fitting in a workout on your lunch break

If you have ever tried going for a quick walk during your lunch break you know how nice it feels to get a break away from the office and a little fresh air. It can be challenging to get into the habit of using your lunch hour to get in some physical activity. However, making small changes can make a difference in your overall mood, level of alertness, and motivation for the rest of the workday. Below are some helpful and easy tips to freshen up your workday with a little metabolism-boosting movement.


Take a walk, or two

Taking a walk can improve your day in several ways. Even just a quick walk to the nearest park, or to get a coffee in between meetings can make a difference. Physical activity and fresh air naturally wake us up and increase our focus. Additionally, a quick escape from the office can serve to boost your mood in part because short walks break up your day and allow some periods of rest.

Taking a walk after you have your lunch is also a great way to kickstart your metabolism. One of the most highly regarded eating plans is the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, otherwise known as the DASH diet. The DASH diet is designed to lower blood pressure and includes an array of vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy options, whole grains, and lean proteins. The DASH diet also suggests that its practitioners include walking in their daily schedules to boost their metabolism and kick start digestion. 


Check out local gyms and classes

If you work in a town or city, it might be worth checking out the options you have for lunchtime gyms or fitness classes. Most gyms will have classes scheduled explicitly for a lunchtime rush of office workers and professionals. Additionally, they will have showers on-site so you can return to work looking your best.

You might need a little extra motivation for hitting the gym during work, and this is where group fitness classes come in. A group fitness class can help you to find the motivation to push through the noon sluggishness we all experience.

If you are not keen on hopping on a stationary bike and spinning for thirty minutes, consider checking out the offerings of local yoga studios. A short yoga session during lunch can give you an energy boost and improve your mood and focus for the rest of the day.


Get motivated

It can be difficult to push yourself out of the office and onto the pavement or yoga mat for your lunch break. Once you start taking small steps into incorporating physical activity into your working day, it'll become easier and easier to get into your running shoes. For days when you need an additional boost to get up and out there, try taking a Reon Energise Powder Shots beforehand. You will feel energised, focused, and ready to take on whatever the rest of the day holds.

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