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Staying energised as a vegan


Whatever diet you follow, your energy levels will hinge on how much and which type of food you eat. We all need the right balance of nutrients, proteins and carbs to perform at our best, so even on a vegan diet, the way your body feels will depend on you eating enough of the right foods. With a plant-based diet, however, you can also feel more driven because of what you aren’t eating.

Can plant-based diets give us energy?

Many protein-packed vegan foods fuel your body and ensure it can repair itself after a strenuous workout. One of the best is tofu, which contains 8g of protein per 100g. This pale bean curd may not taste great on its own, but you can marinate and cook it with flavoursome ingredients for surprisingly good results.

Another versatile and tasty vegan favourite are lentils, as well as being packed with nutrients, they also contain around 9g of protein per 100g – they are perfect for thickening up stews, curries and soups.

Choosing healthy carbs

The carbohydrates you choose should have enough staying power to get you through an active working day. One of the most reliable ways of establishing how effective a portion of food can be at helping you sustain high-energy levels is checking its score on the glycaemic index.

The top scorers are white sugar, bread and potatoes, all of which can pass through the digestive system quickly and create a brief spike in blood sugar levels. This is followed swiftly by a fall in blood sugar that drains your energy. Foods which have the opposite effect and have a slow-burn result are sweet potatoes, beans, whole grains and pasta.

So, by simply switching to whole grain foods, you’re much less likely to flag.

What about snacks?

Anyone on a serious training schedule or fitness program has to consume the type of foods that allow their body to work hard and repair itself. Snacks should be energy-rich and full of protein, as well as easy to prep in a hurry.

People who enjoy savoury flavours could go for carrots with hummus as a pick me up, while those with a sweeter tooth could try banana on corn cakes. Our portable Pomegranate Powder Shots are perfect for vegans on the go, containing vitamin B12 and caffeine, you’re sure to get that energising boost whenever you need it.

If you prefer to have a drink instead of a dry snack, try a smoothie made with nut milk, hemp seeds and colourful antioxidant fruit like blueberries or strawberries to get you back on track.

Do vegans have more energy?

One of the reasons a vegan diet is so effective at maintaining vitality is that it avoids many foods that sap energy. A good example is red meat - it may provide a healthy dose of iron, but the high-fat content makes it difficult for the body to process. This means resources are diverted to the digestive process, so you may feel bloated and drained.

Animal protein takes longer overall for your body to digest and break down, so by simply eating a vegan diet and ensuring that you are consuming the right amount of daily nutrients and vitamins – you are already on your way to being more energised.

Staying energised as throughout the day is easier than you think - discover more about energising your body on a plant-based diet.