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Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners


Many of us would not go a day without some form of added sugar. We usually find ourselves adding natural sugar, a replacement or a sweetener to a hot brew, or onto our food to give it the sweeter taste that we desire. But when it comes to the thinking about the benefits of what we’re using to sweeten up our lives, most of us would not have a clue.  

Check out our article below to gain a little insight into the fight between sugar vs artificial sweeteners.

Sugar and sugar crashes

Many of us are accustomed to reaching for a soft drink or chocolate bar when we are at the zenith of our afternoon slump. We usually indulge in something sugary out of habit, or as a pick me up when we are looking for an increase in alertness or an uplift in our mood.

However, the downfall to this is that many of us also feel a ‘crash’ in our energy and mood levels shortly after ingesting foods or drinks that have high sugar contents.

A recent meta-analysis published in Neuroscience & Behavioural Reviews compiled research from 31 different studies and findings from around 1,300 adults, specifically focusing on sugar and the effects it has on mood and alertness.

The study found that, contrary to popular belief, sugar seemed to have little to no effect on mood and did not improve the participants’ disposition. Additionally, and perhaps more surprisingly, they found that sugar did not seem to have any noticeable effect on improving energy, and actually the tiredness of participants increased after ingesting sugar.

Artificial Sweeteners

Due to the changes in diet, and the way that most food is made in today’s world, the average adult eats significantly more sugar than our bodies actually need. Without taking sugar’s possible effects on energy into account, we could all benefit from cutting down a little on our sugar intake, especially if you are trying to stick to your fitness and health plan.

When it comes to energy, sugar free sweeteners allow for food and drink to have added sweetness without increasing blood glucose. Sweeteners such as Aspartame are metabolised; they are done so more slowly, which means that the rollercoaster ups and downs of glucose spikes are avoided.

Steviol glycoside is a compound that is sweet tasting, derived from leaves found in a South American plant, and it contains no calories. Tasting 200-300 sweeter than sugar, and it is a great alternative for those who are diabetic as it does not induce a glycemic response when consumed.

Reon Revive Energy Powder Shots are sweetened with steviol glycoside, meaning that they are before or after a workout, or when experiencing an afternoon slump at work. The low-calorie nature of Reon Revive will keep you feeling light, refreshed, and ready to go. Because the powder shot contains caffeine combined with vitamin B12, it helps to keep you going whenever you need a little perk in your day – ideal for those on the go.

So, what’s best?

As with anything, sugar and sugar free products should be enjoyed in moderation. Sugar free is best for those sticking to a fitness and health regime, or anyone who wants to try and cut down on their daily sugar intake.