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Take your workout anywhere: unusual outdoor sports spots

It’s very easy to be caught up in the notion that workouts begin and end in the gym. We are creatures of habit, and tend to gravitate towards the venues that are likely to inspire and challenge us the most. However, your physical prowess is limited only by your imagination. What if we all allowed ourselves to workout anywhere and everywhere? The world would likely be a more interesting, and fitter place for a start!

We’ve decided to examine the notion of taking your workout with you and have come up with these slightly unusual outdoor sports spots. Hey, the world is your workout....

take on the train station

You may as well put that early morning commute to good use, particularly if you’re still feeling a little tired from the night before. If you’ve got a while to wait before your train arrives, try taking the long way round instead of waiting for the lift. Yep, that means using the stairs and wandering the length of the platform before you’re allowed to sit down. Station platforms and bus stops are a great place to complete subtle stretches and lunges, too. You’ll be warmed up and ready for work in no time at all.

outdoor gyms 

Urban outdoor gyms are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the bigger cities. Whenever you’re wandering out and about keep your eyes peeled for gym equipment that the local council has conveniently placed there, just for you to use. That pull-up station, set of parallel bars or static cycle could well become your workout for the day – especially if the weather is nice. What’s more these outdoor gyms are completely free to use.

The high street

You see that bench over there? Yep, the one with the pigeon sat underneath it. That looks suspiciously like the bench you use at the gym, doesn’t it? If you’re waiting for your mates or your partner to finish shopping, or happen to have a few minutes before you must be back at work practice a few squats, lunges and thrusts in your own time. Rather than worrying about what people with think of you concentrate on the burn. Doesn’t that feel better?


Your local pub

We may have discovered the perfect workout, guys and gals. Called ‘hashing’ this workout usually begins and ends at a pub, with the slight matter of a cross-country (or city) run in between. While we’d certainly advocate drinking plenty of non-alcoholic beverages in between to ensure you remain hydrated, there’s nothing quite like a cool pint or chilled cocktail when you’ve really earned it. Now, where do we sign up?

The park

Of course, it’s worth thinking about some of the more unusual workouts that you could be doing in your normal sports spots. In our quest to discover a new kind of fitness thrill we’ve encountered rollerskiing, street golf and urban mountain biking, as well as established crazes such as free running. Remember, your abilities are limited only by your mind. What will you try next?

So you see, anywhere becomes a workout venue when you’re experiencing a craving that only exercise can satisfy. Whether you’re catching up with cardio on your commute or visiting an urban outdoor gym after work there are so many outdoor venues that could become your personal gym with a little imagination – just don’t forget your Reon Powder Shots to keep you powering through those squats, laps or jumps!


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Photo credits: @jennnbell via Twenty20