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The ultimate bag-pack checklist for jetsetters

Who doesn’t enjoy a good holiday? If you’re anything like us you’re all about the adventure, and less about the painful process of packing. Until those scientist types invent teleportation, this ultimate bag-pack checklist should make that task a little more bearable.


Let’s get started...


First things first, you’re going to need a decent suitcase and carry-on bag. A good piece of luggage is worth its weight in gold. Besides, if you’re going to be travelling the globe you’ll need items you can trust.


Your documents


We’ll move onto clothing, toiletries and essential entertainment items in a moment. For now your job is to locate and secure your travel documents, including:

  • Your passport
  • Travel insurance
  • Boarding pass and booking references
  • Accommodation confirmation
  • Local area information and a guidebook or multilingual dictionary

Be sure to keep tabs on that foreign currency, too. If it’s essential for your journey, it’s worth checking and double-checking that you have everything safe and sound.


A capsule wardrobe


It’s time to get over this notion of packing an outfit, or two for every occasion. Modern jet setting is epitomised by lighter loads and smaller luggage. Well, unless you’re a celebrity, that is. Think about packing:

  • Interchangeable staples, including a selection of colour coordinating tops and bottoms
  • Layers, such as a cardigan or jumpers
  • No more than three pairs of shoes, including flats, heels or dress shoes and a pair of trainers
  • Underwear and socks
  • Swimwear
  • Nightwear
  • A light jacket
  • A waterproof jacket
  • Sunhat and sunglasses

Choose loose-fitting, comfortable clothes for the journey and remember to pack flight socks if you’re likely to be in the air for a prolonged period of time. Finally, think about the purpose of your journey and the activities you’re likely to enjoy while you’re away. Dress for every eventuality, or prepare for disappointment and discomfort.


Essentials & Toiletries


Your cosmetic bag should include:


  • Any medication you regularly take
  • Energising, melt-in-the-mouth Reon Powder Shots2-Flavours_Front-(S).jpg
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hairbrush, comb and hair accessories
  • Deodorant and fragrance
  • Miniature shampoo and conditioner
  • Moisturiser or aftersun lotion
  • Suncream
  • Insect repellent
  • Hand cream and lip balm
  • Contact lenses and solution
  • Eye mask and ear plugs
  • Contraception
  • Makeup

Consider the products you use on a daily basis, and the items that are likely to be imperative to your enjoyment of your destination.


Inflight entertainment


You’ve probably got a hold heap of activities lined up, but how are you going to amuse yourself during your journey or those chilled out evenings?

  • A good book or an e-reader
  • A smartphone or tablet device
  • Your favourite magazine or publication, downloaded
  • An excellent travel playlist via Spotify, iTunes or similar subscription service
  • Travel guides and regional information
  • All appropriate chargers
  • A gadget organiser to keep said wires, cables and devices in check
  • Insurance for your electronics

If you’re likely to be using your phone or tablet abroad, please check your data allowance and roaming charges!




Finally, think about the items you probably can’t travel or live without, including items that don’t fit under any of the other categories:

  • Notepad and pen
  • Travel pillow and a small blanket
  • Antibacterial wipes or hand gel
  • Space saver bags
  • A luggage lock
  • Travel scales
  • Camera and charger, or (really old school) spare film
  • A luggage tracker

It’s absolutely essential that you check your airline’s baggage allowance before you begin to load your suitcase with surplus items. Who wants to get to the check-in desk, only to be told they’re being fined for packing too many pairs of shoes? We’d also strongly recommend planning before you pack, and laying out your case and clothes at least three days before you travel.

Prior preparation prevents poor performance – and that mantra should extend to packing for your next adventure.

Remember that your travel checklist will be largely dependent upon you, your destination and the kind of traveller you are. Please feel free to use this checklist as a guide, tailoring it to suit your needs and travelling style.

Did we miss anything? What makes your travel essentials list? Please subscribe to our blog for more helpful life hacks and handy hints.

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