Tired at work? You must try these 6 tricks!

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Whether you’re suffering the effects of a late night or an ill-advised beverage or two, that mid-afternoon slump is a real pain. You know the one. You’ve been hammering at your keyboard for what feels like hours (well, it probably has been hours to be fair) and you could really do with... just... closing... Stop! Whenever you’re feeling tired at work, try any of these six tricks to give yourself a boost. Your boss can thank us later.


1. Head outside

Fresh air can do wonders for your mind, body and soul. Whenever you begin to feel a little foggy-headed or fatigued endeavour to leave your desk for a quick breather, whether that means enjoying your lunch on the patio or standing beside an open window for a bit.


2. Enjoy a snack

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon crashes are prime suspects for those onsets of fatigue at work. You’re a little too far away from breakfast and lunch for your body’s liking, so what should you do? Snacking on something healthy such as fruits, nuts or vegetables will provide a welcome boost of energy that will wake your body up. One of our Reon Powder Shots, meanwhile, could be the boost your brain needs to excel until home time.





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Well, you get our drift. Exercise pumps oxygen around your body to your brain, muscles and tissue, providing an instant energy burst that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. It might seem like the last thing you want to do, but when tiredness hits it’s time to go for a wander or indulge in a few chair exercises.

4. SWitch off for a moment

Your job may require you to be sat at a desk for eight hours a day, but the constant flickering of that computer screen isn’t going to do your eyes any good at all. Mobile devices, computers and tablets are the worst perpetrators when it comes to midday fatigue, so be sure to give your eyes plenty of rest during the day. Most experts agree that you should be aiming to glance away from your screen for a few minutes every half an hour or so.


We’re nearly all guilty of neglecting our health when it comes to drinking enough. You know that beer and gin don’t count in the grand scheme of things, right? If you’ve regularly started to feel tired at work, then it’s worth assessing how much you’re drinking. Is there a glass of water on your desk at all times, or a fountain nearby? Remaining hydrated can help to kick fatigue to the curb in no time at all.

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6.TAke a nap

Obviously, your boss isn’t going to tolerate you heading to bed for an hour or two during the afternoon. However, did you know that enjoying a five to twenty-five minute catnap could do you the world of good? Use your break wisely. Instead of catching up with social media or chatting with colleagues find a quiet spot to nap, using a vibrating alarm on your phone or watch to rouse you in plenty of time. Similarly, resting with your eyes shut could provide the boost your brain needs to power on through until 5pm.

Of course, one of the best ways to fend off tiredness is to ensure you’re getting enough sleep the night before. Remember, if you’ve got a big day ahead those extra hours’ sleep really will make all of the difference. Sweet dreams!Subscribe and get 3 for 2! 

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