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Top workouts to leave you feeling energised

Who doesn’t love feeling energised?

There’s no better feeling than when you finish a tiresome, gruelling work out, but you know you’ve put your all in to it. The surge of dopamine into your system leaves you feeling happy, energised and content with yourself. People talk about the ‘runner’s high’, but I don’t think that high is restricted to runner’s alone. I see it as a high from the workout, whatever the workout. You can walk away, heart pumping and sweat dripping, knowing that you pushed yourself.

It’s so important to hold on to a sense of pride when coming away from your workout. You should feel proud of yourself, impressed with your own power but encouraged to push harder next time. Bring that energy to your workout (and any area of your life, for that matter) and you’ll start to see some pretty incredible results.

Just like with clothes, I don’t think that the ‘one size fits all’ rule makes any sense at all. Our bodies are unique, and we all have personal preferences as to what we do with them. The one thing I would state is this: If you do what you love, it won’t feel like a chore. Whether that is powerlifting, yoga, Zumba or HIIT training, you’ll get the most out of the activity you enjoy the most. Just take a bit of time to find your niche.

So, even if you’ve not thought of it before, give something new a go. Here’s a selection of different workouts that will hopefully leave you sweating profusely, breathing heavily, and feeling energised all day long.

*AMRAP = as many reps as possible* 

Workout 1- Whole Body Circuit Workout

Circuit training is great as it in high intensity, but takes very little time at all. If you are limited on time, circuits are perfect as you can focus on building strength whilst keeping your heart rate consistently high. Build muscle and lose fat simultaneously? Sounds good to me.

From the options below, choose the exercise and work for 45 seconds. Aim to complete anywhere from 10-25 reps per exercise.

You can create your own circuit using 5 key components: upper body movement followed by core, lower body, compound movement and total body sprints.

  • (Upper): Shoulder Press/ Push Ups/ Pull Ups/ Bent over row
  • (Core): Sit ups/ Plank/ Crunches
  • (Lower): Pulse Squat/ Walking Lunge/ Deadlift
  • (Compound): Mountain Climbers/ Cleans/ Burpees
  • (Sprint): Jumping Rope/ Running/ Rowing/ Cycling
Workout 2 - Legs Workout

This is another circuit, but solely targets your glutes and legs. This requires no equipment: just you and your fierce determination. Keep the intensity high; I promise you it’ll be worth it.

Do this circuit 3-5 times, with 1 minute rest between sets. 45 seconds working per exercise, 15 seconds off.

  • Squat
  • Hip Thrust (squeeze your glutes at the top)
  • Right leg lunge
  • Left leg lunge
  • Wall sit
  • Right leg lateral lunge
  • Left leg lateral lunge
  • Right leg split squat
  • Single leg hip thrusters (switch legs halfway)
  • Jumping Squats
Workout 3 - Upper Body Workout

This workout requires you to be in the gym. You will need a bench, a resistance band (or pull up machine), Lat pull down machine, a barbell (with the appropriate weights for you) and a pair of dumbbells. Choose the weight that pushes you, but still allows you to complete at least 6-8 reps before failure. That may just be the bar, and that’s OK. Just look to keep pushing yourself harder each workout.

Resting time: 90 seconds.

  • Push ups 4 x AMRAP
  • Pull ups 4 x AMRAP (use a resistance band, or a machine to help you)
  • Barbell Bench Press 4 x 6
  • Bent over row 4 x 6
  • Single arm overhead press 4 x 8 (especially good if you want to work on core strength)
  • Lat Pull Down 4 x 8
  • Moving plank 4 x 30 seconds
Workout 5 - Plyometric Workout

Plyometrics is generally used by athletes to increase their speed and strength, but it is also used to expedite fat loss and aid endurance. Plyometric workouts are great for converting fat to lean muscle mass as it challenges your fast twitch muscle fibres and stimulates different muscles across the body. Plyometrics gets your heart racing; fast. This is one of the best ways to incorporate explosive exercises in to your routine, and is a sure-fire way to leave you feeling pumped by the end.

Rest- 30 seconds (catch your breath, take a sip of water, and get back at it). In this workout, you are only doing 10 minutes of work, so go HARD when you’re working. You can rest later.

  • High Knees- 5 x 30 secs
  • Burpees 4 x 30 secs
  • Jumping Squats 4 x 30 secs
  • Jumping Lunges 4 x 30 secs
  • Box Squat in to Box Jump 3 x 30 secs
Workout 6 - Abs

Whether you don’t have the time to do a full body workout, you’re focusing on strengthening your core, or you want to be abs at the end of your gym session; having a go-to ab-workout is a must.

30 seconds per exercise, 4 sets. 1 minute rest between sets.

  • Knee to Elbow Plank
  • Side Plank Dips
  • V sits
  • Flutter kicks
  • Moving Plank
  • Toe Touches 

That's it! Great job ;)




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