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Unexpected beauty benefits of caffeine

hand-cream-woman-manicure_t20_7l0p97Most of us feel a lot more beautiful after our morning caffeine ritual, whether that is a fresh cup of coffee, an on-the-go energy shot powder or a steaming cup of tea. However, caffeine actually has a number of surprising beauty benefits that will wake up your skin and hair.

Caffeine benefits for your skin

More and more beauty products are incorporating caffeine into their ingredient lists, and there is a good reason why – caffeine holds a number of benefits for your skin. Perhaps counterintuitively, caffeine intake has a calming effect on the skin.

As a result of the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of caffeine, it may be able to reduce redness while also fighting free radicals, which lead to ageing. One study even found a direct link between drinking coffee and a decrease in the skin’s photoaging.

There have also been studies showing that there may be a link between caffeine consumption and diminishing cellulite. One of these found that participants who included caffeine in their diet found that their cellulite and orange peel skin decreased notably in comparison to the other study participants.

Other studies have suggested that caffeine can also protect the skin from UV damage, provide after-sun care to the skin, reduce rosacea, lighten dark eye circles and treat acne. Research is still ongoing, and scientists continue to learn more and test the benefits of caffeine intake.

Caffeine benefits for your hair

A growing number of companies are also including caffeine in their shampoo and conditioner products. The research on the effects of caffeine on hair growth and hair strength is just beginning. However, a 2014 study looked at the effects of caffeine on hair growth and strength. The study concluded that caffeine did have an effect on hair health, a positive effect, and found that caffeine improved hair length and strengthened the hair.

As coffee appears to have a tangible effect on reducing hair loss, some scientists are now looking to caffeine to see if they can find any other potential benefits. In a study in 2002, scientists found that caffeine intake helped to reduce the harmful effects of radiation on test mice. When an individual undergoes radiation, their hair will fall out. However, when fed a certain amount of caffeine, these mice experienced less skin and hair damage than other mice who were not fed caffeine and who experienced the same amount of radiation.

As always, if you think you may have a skin or hair condition, or have questions about your health, it is important to always approach your doctor for advice. Caffeine has a range of benefits, but everyone’s body processes caffeine differently. It is important to listen to what your body tells you and always approach medical professionals with your questions if you are feeling unwell.

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