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What to do when you don’t like coffee, but you love caffeine

a-cup-of-green-tea-latte-and-matcha-powder-in-spoon-with-bamboo-whisk-on-wooden-background_t20_ax6wLESome of us only drink coffee out of necessity, as it helps us get through the working day. For many people, the only way they can consume a whole cup of coffee is by adding whipped cream and a variety of sauces from popular coffee chains. And although the coffee taste is hidden, the drink is now full of extra calories, sugars and fats – so the coffee buzz will soon be overcome by the sugar crash caused by your added extras. 

What are your options when you hate the taste of coffee, but you love caffeine? Read our guide below to find out.


Start the par-tea

If the thought of a steaming Americano makes your stomach do somersaults, then you may be better off with a tea. Although tea generally has a lower caffeine content than coffee, some drinks have much higher contents than others. Black teas have typically higher caffeine levels, so you may find that a hot cup of your favourite tea will give you the little extra boost you need to get through the day.

Matcha tea is ideal for those who want caffeine, as the levels can equal half the level within a black cup of coffee. This type of green tea additionally contains a natural calming agent called L-Theanine. This helps you to feel more relaxed and focused – perfect for people who want to stay energised in their day-to-day life.

Get creative

If you are adventurous, the type of person who is always wanting to experience something new, you can give one of the quirky new caffeine-focused products on the market a try. Try caffeine-infused products beyond your wildest dreams, from energy bracelets to shampoo and even an inhaler.


You are what you eat

You may be surprised, but there are several foods that are naturally filled with caffeine. Everyday foods such as cereal, chocolate and ice cream all have caffeine contents. Although caffeine is minimal, especially when compared to an espresso, with a little research, you can build a diet for yourself that is naturally energy-boosting.


Energy shots

For a product that you can trust, Reon Energise Powder Shots have 80mg of caffeine, which is around the same as a double espresso. The powder shots come in compact packets which are fantastic for those on the go, coming in two delicious flavours of pomegranate and sour apple. Additionally, the shots are low calorie with no added sugars, so you won’t experience the dreaded sugar crash, but you’ll gain all of the benefits that come along with consuming caffeine. You can keep on top of your everyday diet and health as the powder shots contain vitamin B12, which is an essential vitamin for daily living.


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